Extra Charges may apply for longer consultations, home visits and other services.
An Account Fee of $10 will be applied if the account is not paid on the day of the consultation.

All patients are expected to pay in full at the time of their consultation.

Standard Consultation Fees

Consultation - Enrolled PatientsConsultation -Casual Patients
Over 17 Yrs$18.50Over 17 Yrs$70.00
14 - 17 Yrs$13.00Under 17 Yrs$40.00
Under 14 YrsNo ChargeNon-Resident$70.00


Prices are effective 1st August, 2020

The following schedule shows the set fees for a range of services. Other services that Family Health Matters provides can be found here >>>>

Other Service Fees

Liquid Nitrogen$10.00+
Joint injections$30.00+
Cervical Smears$15.00+
Biopsies and Excisions$200 - $350.00
Forms / Certificates #20.00
Scripts / Faxed scripts$10.00
Non-ACC Dressings$5 - $50.00
Driver Licence$60.00
Insurance - Medical and Legal$150.00+
B12 Injection$15.00
Travel Consultations$40.00
IV Infusions$0 - $400.00
Under 25 Years sexual Health (4 visits per year) No Charge
IUD / Jadelle Insertions (Excluding the cost of the IUD / Jadelle) $190.00